Huge Rebates available
until dec 2020

Heat Pumps
up to
up to
Central Air Source HP
Mini-Split or Multi-Split Air Source HP
Dual-Fuel Centrail Air HP
Electrical Service Upgrade Rebate
All HSPF >10 SEER>18
Natural Gas Upgrades
up to
Attic Insulation
Exterior Wall Cavity Insulation
Exterior Wall Sheathing Insulation
Basement/Crawlspace Insulation
Other (exposed floor, header, etc)
Combination Rebate Bonus!
Per window or door
Tier 1 Windows
Tier 2 Windows
Combination Rebate Bonus!
Combination Rebate Bonus!
Water Heating
up to
Electric Heat Pump Water Heater
Electric Service Upgrade
Additional Municipal Rebates


An existing home evaluation takes all elements of your home into consideration.
Here is a sample of what we look at when doing an evaluation of existing homes:
Dimensions & measurements of the building envelope
Wall construction (ability to keep the heat in)
Foundation type & Insulation (ability to keep the heat in)
Window construction (heat lost through glazing)
Ceiling & Attic insulation (ability to keep the heat in)
Air leakage rate (how many times you are reheating your home’s air each hour)
A-typical loads (large appliances that consume a lot of power)

With this information we are able to provide areas of potential improvement

Once we help you understand where your home could be improved, then we can help you understand where to start.
 It can be hard to know which project to begin first, especially when working within a budget. As skilled energy professionals we can be invaluable by offering a renovation upgrade path that looks at the building as it exists and your upgrade goals, together as one.
Depending on your goals, we may consider options that prioritize the most cost effective route, best value added for resale, most rebates available, or a combination of these.

retrofit assessment ROADMAP

Step 1: House Verification
We show up and conduct a site visit verifying the geometry, construction assemblies and mechanical systems of your home. While we are there we will perform a blower door test with our specialized equipment. We require access to all rooms of your home.
Step 3: Upgrade Recommendations
Using the output from the model we can identify areas that can help move you in the right direction for your home based on your desires and needs.
Step 4: Rebates
We work within the pre-upgrade evaluation and post-upgrade verification and assist in any paperwork required for rebate filing. Improving the energy performance of buildings is a primary concern in terms of saving you money in the long run. We are certified to provide Fortis rebates and many others.
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