Mary and Wilson Street

Passive House General Contractor

Project Details

As adjacent side-by-side duplexes, this is Victoria’s first Passive House neighbourhood. Each residence is approximately 1,500 sq. ft. with an open floor plan on the main floor, and three bedrooms plus two bathrooms on the second level. Mary Street is certified to the international Passive House Standard, while Wilson Street is currently working towards Passive House Plus certification.

Custom architectural design was done by HCMA Architecture + Design. The two modern Passive House designed duplex buildings are similar yet unique in their designs – close cousins. Simple building shapes and carefully placed and sized windows follow from passive house principals of energy conservation, capturing the light and heating potential of the sun. Both buildings are finished on the exterior with light stucco, wood cedar siding and modern detailing, with the extra thick highly insulated walls evidenced by the deep-set triple glazed windows. The architects worked closely with Step-One Design for the interiors to ensure a cohesive design.

Landscaping was designed by Biophilia to enhance the outdoor space. The private patio and yard is sheltered and includes arbors with native plantings and a rainwater management system to make the outdoor space an attractive addition to the living area. The living screens make a welcoming entrance to the Mary Street suites.

Both buildings were quickly sold to local buyers in the Fall of 2016 and the Summer of 2017.


  • Passive House Certification
  • Photovoltaic system included expected to generate as much energy as each residence consumes annually (Wilson Street only)
  • Shaded exterior living spaces
  • Superior acoustical separation between residences
  • Power monitors to observe energy consumption in real time
  • High quality appliances
  • Protected by the New Home Warranty Program
  • Off street parking
  • Secure, convenient bike parking
  • Parking plumbed for EV charging to enable inexpensive electrical installation when desired