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Why BC Step Code?

When we take a look at the overall carbon footprint of constructing a new home in BC, it breaks down into the following categories:

Carbon Footprint of a Home

Operational Energy 83%
Materials 15%
Construction 2%
As we can see, the operational energy is the largest factor when considering the impact of housing on our environment. Only focusing on materials doesn’t take the full scope of the impact homes have.

Operational Energy Breakdown

Heating/Cooling 60%
Hot Water 20%
Auxiliary 15%
Lights 5%


With the introduction of The BC Energy Step Code many builders will be faced with new techniques and technologies they may not be familiar with. We have been building high performance homes for the past 10 years and are known for many global firsts in the industry.

Our construction teams are familiar with these new construction methods and are eager to share that experience advising as Certified Energy Advisors.
This removes the guess work and risk from building higher performance homes while complying with the BC Step Code and eases your transition to building a relationship with your Energy Auditor. Using our real-world experience building high performance homes, we can deliver cost effective solutions for any building looking for a way to achieve first class results on a budget using both our Energy Modelling software and real world experience.

As Energy Advisors based out of Victoria, BC we are certified to provide Energy Step Code compliant certificates, permits, perform mid-construction and final blower door tests, and provide EnerGuide ratings for new and renovation construction.


Step 1: Model Your Home
BC Step Code requires homes to hit certain energy targets. In order to be awarded a building permit an Energy advisor is required to model your home and show that it is compliant with the current metrics for your region and climate zone. We require your permit plans including any mechanical systems, window and door packages, and building assemblies that will be used in the building of the home. We can provide you with your Step Code compliant permit and with our extensive high performance construction experience, can guide you through the process.
Step 2: Optimization (optional)
Bernhardt Contracting has developed a tool that will use your house geometry and will look at any "upgrades" that you are looking to implement in your home relative to its performance with respect to Step Code compliance. Since we now look at a house as a system as opposed to its individual parts with the BC Step Code, we can compare and contrast how each upgrade will change the performance of your home and even combine them to see the upgrades at the push of a button.
Step 3: Mid Construction Verification
A mid-construction Blower Door allows us to test the air tightness of your home while the air barrier is exposed. This test allows us to fix any issues while they are still exposed and affordable. Ideal conditions for this to happen is when the air barrier is complete and all windows and doors are installed. Your subtrades can still be on site working either inside or outside of the home while we are conducting our tests and site verifications.
Step 4: Final Site Inspection
In order to acquire an occupancy permit, a final site inspection including a final Blower Door will be required. We require all of the windows and doors and all of your mechanical systems to be installed for verification.
Step 5: Rebates
We are certified to provide EnerGuide labels and rebates.

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