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BC Step Code Compliance Energy Audits

With the introduction of The BC Energy Step Code many builders will be faced with new techniques and technologies they may not be familiar with. Our construction teams have used many of these techniques and are eager to share that experience with others. This removes the guess work and risk from building higher performance homes.

We are certified to provide Energy Step Code compliance certificates, perform mid-construction and final blower door tests, and EnerGuide ratings.

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Passive House Consulting

Bernhardt Contracting Ltd. is trained in Passive House design and has extensive experience in Passive House construction and certification. Working with architects, builders, and designers, we can advise on energy improvements to your current project to achieve certification, or help design a Passive House from project inception.

Energy Efficiency Consulting

For projects looking to improve energy efficiency but not necessarily aiming for full Passive House certification, we do energy efficiency consulting. Using a best in class building energy modelling software, Bernhardt Contracting has the capability and expertise to determine the energy demands and performance of any building, using component specifications and detail drawings. This model then allows us to build different scenarios to help inform owners and design teams of the most economical and effective design changes.

General Contracting

Bernhardt Contracting Ltd. is a licensed and insured General Contractor specializing in multi-family home building and commercial construction. We offer complete contract and project management services, taking projects from concept to completion. Our management team is comprised of a creative group possessing the leadership and organizational skills required in today’s diverse and competitive construction environment.

We have special interest in high performance homes and sustainability. We can take on both retrofits and new builds.

HRV Installations and Commissioning

In any high performance building, ventilation is key to the comfort of the occupants, and Heat-Recovery Ventilation (HRV) units are becoming more and more popular in new construction. This ventilation system transfers heat or cold from stale exhaust air to fresh intake air. This removes excess moisture and odours from your living environment, making for healthier living.

Bernhardt Contracting has the experience and knowledge to install high efficiency HRV units into your construction project or home. We also have the tools and skills needed to very accurately measure air flows and ensure proper operation of your HRV. Commissioning assures that the ventilation system maximizes comfort and efficiency of the building.

We are the authorized commissioning agent for Zehnder America (Small Planet Supply).

Passive House modeling software

BC Step Code Compliance Energy Audits

Passive House Consulting

Energy efficient door blower system