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Experienced Builders, Experienced Energy Efficiency Advice

With the introduction of the BC Energy Step Code and Zero Carbon Step Code, builders may be faced with techniques and technologies they may not be familiar with.

Using our real-world experience in building high performance homes, our energy advisor team can eliminate the guesswork, providing cost-effective solutions to achieve first-class results on a budget.

We are certified to provide energy step code compliant certificates, permits, perform mid-construction and final blower door tests, and provide EnerGuide ratings for new and renovation construction.

With our guidance and expertise, you can trust that your high performance home will not only meet but exceed the BC Step Code requirements.


Stage 1: Model Your Home
Share your permit plans with us, including mechanical systems, window and door packages, and building assemblies.

We model your home using current metrics for your region and climate zone.

We provide you with a Step Code Pre-Permit Checklist, ready for your permit application.
Stage 2: Optimization (optional)
HEET, our optimization tool, is designed to analyze your home's geometry and any upgrades you wish to implement.

Rather than look at one option at a time, our team can analyze all options at once and can guide the design and build teams to a cost-effective high-performance solution.
Stage 3: Mid-Construction Blower Door Testing
Mid-construction site visit to tests the air tightness of your building.

Conducted when air barrier is complete, and all windows and doors are installed

Identifies any air leakage issues while they are still affordable to fix.

Test can be conducted while subtrades are still working either inside or outside the home, minimizing disruption to construction timeline
Stage 4: Final Site Inspection
Final site visit to conduct final air leakage testing.

Conducted when all windows, doors, and mechanical systems have been installed.

Required in order to obtain occupancy permit.
Stage 5: Energy Labels
Apply for energy labels such as Energuide and Net Zero