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BC Energy Step Code Compliance

With the introduction of The BC Energy Step Code many builders will be faced with new techniques and technologies they may not be familiar with. Our construction teams have used many of these techniques and are eager to share that experience with others. This removes the guess work and risk from building higher performance homes.

As builders, we understand the need for speed, accuracy, and flexibility when it comes to permit compliance. Using our real-world experience building high performance homes, we can deliver cost effective solutions for any building looking for a way to achieve first class results on a budget.

We are certified to provide Energy Step Code compliance certificates, perform mid-construction and final blower door tests, and provide EnerGuide ratings.

Our recommendation is to perform a mid-construction blower door test for any new construction, regardless of a builder’s experience. We also recommend that energy modelling be done early in the design phase to allow for the most cost effective solutions.

Energy efficient door blower system

BC energy step-code compliance

Services For New Construction & Renovations

  • Mid-Construction Blower Door Test
  • Final Blower Door Test
  • Energy Modelling
  • Energy Efficiency Consultations
  • Thermal camera & smoke leak detection
  • BC Energy Step Code Compliance Verification
  • EnerGuide Rating
  • Combustion Spillage Testing
  • Step Code Permit Forms
  • Rebate Applications

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We are based on Vancouver Island in Victoria, but can service anywhere in BC.

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